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Minor Blog Updates

Luckily for me Meshoo has some time on her hands with everything she has had to do with family. I have been preparing my complaint list for a while now, one day at work I got a message saying my blog was being upgraded and she was upgrading it from 2.7 to 2.8.

There are some minor differences, it is a bit cleaner in the back end but everything remains the same except for the image uploading. I have always faced a problem with the flash uploader for WordPress and it just wouldn’t work with Firefox or Chrome, I would have to go to Explorer 6.0 and upload image by image which was time consuming. Luckily this update made the fix so you can upload the traditional way or through the flash uploader, images are managed better and you can access them more easily.

Another small issue was that the categories wasn’t being retrieved correctly, some code was off so the data wasn’t being retrieved correctly. I can safely say now that the categories are fixed you can access them normally, I knew I was annoyed because I constantly used them.

Thanks Meshoo!