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Review: Confessions of an Economic Hit Man – John Perkins

I remember picking up this book in 2007 in Waterstones in London and I didn’t start reading it until 2008. It took me just under a year to finish this book, this was the book that I read when ever I was flying, kept it in my travel messenger bag. John Perkins is an excellent story teller, getting the concept of the Economic Hit Man across, or EHM. Putting into perspective the tools used by the US government to control assets across the globe, those tools were EHMs and if that didn’t work then the Jackals would go and the last resort would be military action. You are taken through an amazing story of a man who has been at the all the places which were the certain of change during its time for the past half century. Also a man who was confessing to all his actions and deeds which have altered the course of countries and the lives of people. A great read which I think any person would enjoy.

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