The Disaster Plan!!

So as we were heading to the airport we got swamped by a Mummy like Sandstorm or what was previously referred to as a Desert Fubuki. All flight were stopped coming in and out of Kuwait, this all took place over a matter of hours. We went and checked in, had dinner at Pizza Express, the crowds were huge and there was dust inside the Airport.

We decided to head in and wait in the lounge. As soon you walk in, Pearl lounge was so packed that people were standing by the door. The only few seats left was in the smoking lounge, I really think that Pearl lounge needs to be refurbished and some new life brought into it.

Originally our flight was supposed to take off at 9:30 pm to arrive at 12:00 am for a 3:00am connection. Instead we were delayed about 4 hours and we didn’t take off until 1:30 am Kuwait time, so missing our connection and we were rescheduled for a 9:35 am flight from Dubai to Singapore. We were messed up, not the right amount of sleep, a lot of annoyed people, and its not really the airlines fault but we still went to complain. Luckily we were the first to complain at the Dubai transfer desk and so they gave us a room at the Meridian Hotel right next door and we only slept about two hours but thats something at least before heading to the airport which was a 2 minute drive. We head breakfast in the lounge, lunch on the plane, and as soon as it was off I watched 1.5 movies and passed out. All this huge adventure just to get to Singapore and all the meetings, we were supposed to land at 2:55 pm but instead we landed at 9:20 pm so we lost most of the first day, but to say that Singapore is amazing is a complete understatement.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. allah i3eenik. I hate when this happens with the delays. Hope u enjoy singapore :)

  2. 1 cube

    I’m actually happy they delayed the flights. No one should get on a plane under bad weather conditions. Allah ya7fi’6kom.

  3. Jewaira

    Hope it is well worth it in the end. Better delayed on land than to face all the turbulence in the air :)

  4. Laialy_q8

    hope you have a blast :D

  5. My friend was going to the staes that same night! Her flight was delayed too… i hope your trip turns out to be fun :)

  6. as someone said in an earlier post, do not miss the night safari, its an excellent experience!

    and try the LRT too, that was fun as well :D

  7. I hate messed u trips… Hope you’ve recovered.

    NAS need to update the lounge with new furniture etc. but a priority is changing those 1960s style poster photos of Kuwait all over the walls!

  8. biggie27

    DESERT FUBUKI!!!!! im naming a sushi after that :p

  9. Dndon

    have fun and enjoy Singapore sale

    i just back from there before 4 days ago..

  10. The guy with the blue polo shirt in the first pic reminds me of the Sales people at Best Buy

  11. Hudson Fernandes

    My Friend….Better later than never….Look on the bright side, it makes travelling more adventurous…Cheers !!!

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