No Smoking Everywhere

This is my first time to visit Singapore and it won’t be my last, I have never seen a city such as this. Every person I spoke to was helpful, they are a mix of peoples, and I was impressed by the system and the attitude. It seems there is a level of bureaucracy which makes things a little difficult for people, but corruption seems to be kept in check. I didn’t know it was this small, I always thought that Singapore was a big country, but turns out its tiny.

The best part about it was that the whole country has a rigorous ban on smoking, the rule is simple no smoking is allowed in any air conditioned location. I had a coworker with me who couldn’t smoke anywhere, he was only smoking in designated areas and they were far and few, and it was pretty humid outside. Everywhere just felt so fresh without the smell of cigarette smoke, I wonder how this type of application would work with us, we have the rules but its not really applied. Even in the airport they had a smoking location which was outdoors but setup very nicely with a very tropical feel to it. But most everywhere else had little to no smoking areas, that even includes hotels very few rooms were allocated for smoking and because of the Expo the hotel was at full capacity so no smoking rooms were available. I was enjoying how my friend was being affected by the rule, and not having to deal with the smoke.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. wow..imagine if Kuwait had such a ban on Smoking…

  2. Purgatory

    you have many places to smoke in singapore, you just have to know where and when

  3. We really need a smoking ban here but whether it will be implemented is the question.. remember the mobile ban while driving ? :P

  4. if you don’t like kuwait GTFO

  5. Monica B

    I know you take pictures on the fly, but is there any chance you cut down at taking photos at such a skew angle?

  6. im in newyork city and they r giving smokers a very bad time here lol if its possible in newyork i dint understand why we cant be next…. for the sake of our children.

  7. Bu Yousef, I lived in Singapore in the early 90’s and chewing gum was banned because people were throwing it all over the MRT (metro) stations, so they simply banned it in the country. You had to go to Malaysia to buy it & sneak it into the country. Nowadays I’m not so sure, I was back a few years ago & you still couldn’t buy it.

    I love how clean the island is!

  8. DnDon

    Welcome to The City Of Fees

  9. it would be so cool if they banned smoking can’t wait for that day

  10. Shane

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