Review: The Taking of Pelham 123

A New York city subway system is run by a control office with people making the routes. One day a man holds one train cart hostage with the people in it, asking for $10’000’000 from the city of New York. The unlucky man who gets the call at the station control is Walter Garber (Denzel Washington), this falls in his lap and the guy pulling this off likes him so sticks to him. This is one interesting movie, it isn’t all that it seems to be when you go through the movie. A smart movie about a desperate man who is willing to die, and one man who is desperate to save everybody. Ryder is played by John Travolta, and he plays the perfect villain, smart, dangerous, and a little bit of crazy, just the prefect combination to pull this off. A great movie and you will enjoy some of the supporting actors in it, action packed until the end, there was one scene with a motorcycle that even hurt me, you will know when you see it.

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  1. I love love Denzel, but I can’t stand Travolta for some reason..

    was the motorcycle scene explosive? :p

    I might go watch it since I’ve been hearing a lot of rave reviews about it

  2. e7mood

    i have to get it !!! any one knows a good place?

  3. biggie27

    when did u watch it u bastard!!!! 3ad i wanted to watch it too :P

  4. travolta 9ij may3arif imathil…il ma86a3 il wa7eed il 8awi 7egga lamman igool “what’s the price of an American hostage today” … bes il filim it7isa momkin i9eer 9ij…

  5. I watched it a few days ago.

    The best, best, best scene was the Dodge Charger scene. I’m not gonna go into detail to avoid spoiling it for people. =O

  6. mustafa

    really good movie but travolta did make it a bit weird

  7. Q80 In Denver

    This is THE WORST MOVIE OF THE YEAR so far! seriously, what’s new? we’ve seen THE EXACT same same story and plotline 1000 times! this movie had really really weird scenes .. webcam live and the guy could talk that easy like no kidnappers around him? no one could notice the big laptop screen? denzel washington’s wife tells him to bring a gallon of milk while going to the kidnappers? huh? shame on Washington, Travolta and Tony Scott for making this stupid movie!

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