The Stig Revealed!

It has at last come out, the identity of The Stig is Michael Schumacher, I don’t think that he was The Stig for so long but it does explain the damn good track times he gets. This could be like their previous stunt, but I will stick to the notion that The Stig has always been Schumacher but how luckier could Top Gear be to have such a driver as their track driver.

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  1. punky

    I would love to think that Schumacher has been the Stig for all this time, but its pretty hard to believe. I am sure he has made an appearance or two as the Stig but he is not the original Stig. I mean lets face it Schumacher has better things to do than to sit around teaching British celebrities how to go around the Top Gear track. From what I know the Stig has been a number of race drivers, or drivers of different motor racing disciplines depending on what the Stig would be driving for the program.

  2. Laialy_q8

    like I told my brother: I can die in peace now

  3. there are theories that in the past it may also have been drivers like Damon Hill and other lesser known British GT drivers.

  4. a777…bes mithil ma gilt, i dont think he was the driver for long…

  5. I think the Stig is more than one driver

    one of them is marzouq

  6. they concluded the episode on that Michael Schumacher isn’t the Stig

  7. nah schumacher is not the was all pretty much a publicity stunt, and of course they brought him on the show so that he could race his ffx!

    i believed it too until i caught the end of the show. Unfortunately, it was just a sick joke :P

    they’re never going to reveal the true identity of the’s probably multiple people anyway!

  8. I always thought the helmet was part of his anatomy :)


  9. Pyyth4

    At first I thought he was, but when I checked wikipedia, it was all a joke

    Schoomi is on a contract in which he is only allowed to drive only cars made by Ferrari or Fiat (thats why he says he drives the Fiat 500 and the Croma in the episode). So if Schoomi is the Stig, Schumacher would lose his job as test driver at Ferrari.

    Schoomi was listed as “Guest” in the end of the episode.

    Only 30 FXX’s have been made, one of them is black, and the black one belongs to Schoomi.

    The FXX isn’t street legal (not allowed on roads) , and only the owners of the car are allowed to drive the FXX at Ferrari’s track.

    So I am guessing Schumacher was only there for that episode, posing as the Stig, driving the FXX.

    It was really funny though

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