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Now that they have all launched Blackberry its interesting to compare all the services. I will be doing that at a later point but Viva packages seems interesting, they went for the idea of more expensive packages, but they are quite interesting.

  • BB 15 KD – 200MB Local – Pay as you go for International
  • BB 25 KD – 1 GB Local – 20 MB International
  • BB 44 KD – Unlimited Local – Unlimited International

One other note you can switch between these plans at any point in time without any contractual problems, if you traveling you can take BB 44 and if you are just in Kuwait you can switch it back to BB 25.

I have to say that they give you a better bang for your buck for the packages, unlike Zain. I think Zain might lose a few customers if they don’t offer more value. I for one only use my BB for data and connectivity usages, not really calling people from this phone so switching to Viva does seem very appealing. The idea of having unlimited data is unprecedented for international use and never has been offered before, and that looks very appealing.

Link: Viva

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  1. Glen

    The Package look gr8 but Viva still has some reception issues in areas that need to be sorted out. M sure Zain is gonna loose alot of customers to Wataniya and Viva. They’ve had the monopoly too long and its time they too have a run for the money.

    Btw no reviews on how the BB service is on Wataniya and now Viva?

  2. That’s great news.

    can’t wait to get back to Kuwait and get my BB freak on ;p

  3. @Glen – I agree, nobody has mentioned anything about the Wataniya or Viva BB service yet. And you r right, they do have some technical issues which need ot be sorted out, this what happens when you hurry to market and don’t plan out your network but they got it up and running in record time. Still that unlimited data package looks enticing!

    @Big N – It will be good to see how the service is :)

  4. My Zain bill looks sketchy & i have the BB International plan (messenger and internet) , I’m getting charged for GPRS! i have to ask around

  5. Glen

    Marzouq…. I’ve have to give it to them for the record time they got the whole network up and running. They had the capital to back them up and in a year or so when they’ve had all the technical issues resolved they gonna give a gr8 time to Zain n Wataniya. The people are gonna enjoy from this competition.

    The unlimited package is gr8 for people who travel so much. The last time i used my BB outta Kuwait for just 3 days and i got a KD 20 bill additional for using the BB on roaming :(

  6. fatma

    make sure that the browser you are using is set to the blackberry browser

  7. not impressed either

    you gotta be careful with the unlimited roaming blackberry service, its only on certain networks, let your phone wander around networks and you’ll be slammed with a gprs charge

  8. Glen

    Why is that so? Is the unlimited usage only with tie up networks?

    U sure not impressed.

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