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Kuwait Embassy @ The Ritz Carlton

I have never seen this before, but I was curious to why there was a flag of Kuwait at the entrance of the Ritz Carlton in Singapore. I was told that the Kuwait Embassy has occupied half of the 31st floor for the past 14 months now. I was shocked, they have half a floor with only four Kuwaiti employees and three Singaporian secretaries and two drivers. And they have special parking in front of them which is reserved for the staff of the Embassy.

From my understanding they have bought a building and are slowly renovating, but also from a Kuwaiti living in Singapore that they are so comfortable that they aren’t in any hurry to finish the supposedly new embassy, they are enjoying the services of the Ritz Carlton. I always speak to the door men since they know almost everything about the hotel, and I was asking about the embassy. They were telling me that they are very nice, and the staff at the hotel likes Kuwaitis. I asked him what time do they come in, he told me they have relaxed hours, Monday to Thursday from 9-10 am to 3-4 pm with a two hour lunch in between, and on Friday they come in for one hour then leave for Friday prayer and don’t come back, then they have Saturday and Sunday off. For a country that is suffering from a financial crisis the staff seems to be enjoying all the eminities of the Ritz Carlton.