Ducati Street Fighter In Kuwait

I couldn’t believe these beauties in front of my eyes, Ducati have perfected an Art form. I got a text from Salem @ Tristar telling me that the Streetfighter and the Streetfighter S were both on the show room floor. I took off as soon as I landed from Singapore. The pearl white from Ducati is beautiful from every angle, they even had one pearl white 1198 just behind the two of these beauties. Then there was the red Streetfighter S which I couldn’t keep my hands off of, I really wanted to throw my leg over the machine and take off. I want to congratulate the owners of the machine whoever they are going to be.

Ducati have really struck a cord with these beauties and I really think they will expand to other beautiful machines. I didn’t know how they could improve on the 1098, then they came out with the 1198. I can’t wait to try the Streetfighter, it looks so enticing, and inviting to ride, I bet the experience would be exhilarating. The Streetfighter is selling 5250 KD and the Streetfighter S is going for 6250 KD, and I think these prices are comparable to the UK. The beauty of the lines, the curves, the shades of this machine have been crafted by an artist, it calls to any rider next to it.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Yalla pick one and consider my birthday gift to you :-P

    Happy Birthday Zouq!

  2. PICs really don’t do it justice,, it’s too beautiful…

    i will let u try mine if i get one ;)

  3. FJ Bruiser

    Marzouq! ya gawad tadri i had my eye on that bike for a while o eedy it7ikni. I’m going to check out the bike today as promised, who knows maybe the cherry red “Streetfighter S” will be parked in my stable ;)

  4. Vampire: I heard you are getting one…which one are planning to go for?

  5. @Ansam – Thanks :)

    @vampire – Ur getting one and I agree, the pictures don’t do it justice at all!

    @FJ Bruiser – All talk get one already! Ma 9aarat!

  6. why everybody asuming i’m getting the white
    although i like it more ehheeheehee

  7. Jojo

    whichever the color better hurry up b4 I am tempted.You would look cool on anu duke

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