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H1N1 Check Up in Kuwait

I got this form when we first landed and there was a lot of warning about making sure that we do the check up. I don’t even know how they want to cross check all the people traveling so they make sure they don’t have the H1N1 virus. Its a 50 KD fine or a 1 month jail time if you don’t follow up with one of the clinics designated in the back. I left it to the last day and head toward Sabah Al Salem since I am in the Hawally Area, I found it fairly easily and its relatively close. Once we went in, my friend knew where to go, there was a lady at the register I gave her my form and my Civil ID. She said this is Sabah Al Salem, you live in Mishref so you must go to Rumaithiya. I told her I called before and they said its fine, and the airport said any of the ones in your Area, and today is my last day. She said no, so I told her, your name is “something something” and I will be reporting you to the police for refusing to check if I have the Pig Flu and that if I am jailed I will be filing damages against you. She said fine, and took my paper wrote my name down and the Egyptian gentlemen in the room stood up and point a little red laser to my forehead to take my temperature which took all in all about 30 seconds but the arguing took 10 minutes. She was rude and it wouldn’t have taken too much time, and what would have happened if someone didn’t argue like I did, bureaucracy is annoying as hell.