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Takara Transformers for a Special Occasion

I always look for unique models, toys, and figures which I can add to my collection. Recently in Singapore I came across this store which had the original Takara Transformers from the 1980s show made in Japan, I was shocked and happy, I couldn’t believe that I have found what I have been looking for right in front of my eyes. The Takara models were still in their boxes and in perfect condition, these are not just models but an art form. So much detail and beauty I couldn’t resist getting both the Optimus Prine & Convoy, and Ultra Magnus, he had another Ultra Magnus which was on display in the case but not for sale, it was his own and he didn’t even let me touch it, I couldn’t blame him. And bought both of them right away, he said that he also had the original Starscream and Megatron who also transform but it was too high a price so I thought these two would be perfect before going to watch Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen.