Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

This has been a long awaited movie for the past two years, a follow up to the blockbuster of 2007. This time around the decepticons are out in number, it has been two years since the Autobots have landed on earth and they have joined a task force of humans to fight the remaining decepticons across the globe. They are getting to them one on every continent and more keep showing up, they don’t know what exactly they are looking for but they are searching for something. Sam is off to college, until he touches the cube again only to realize that he is now seeing symbols everywhere.

You get introduced to the new autobots right away with Prime as their leader, Megatron isn’t any where to be found and Starscream is the coward leading the decepticons on this search. Soundwave is the one the more interesting Decepticons, we were used to him as a Stereo from the original Transformers but this time around he is a Satellite with amazing hacking abilities. You also meet a few new autobots such as the twins, the motorcycle autobot and Sideswipe the mean looking corvette and thats just the beginning of it, and one of the best in the movie is Jetfire but he is a little different then the original but you will see what I mean when you watch it.

This is one action packing movie from start until end, I didn’t realize that it would be that long. I didn’t realize how much time went by because I was stuck to my seat hoping that each time they confront that the Autobots would win and Sam would get where he is going. There were a few scenes which had me ties to my seat and I was shocked at a few points but I loved every moment of it. For those who were criticizing the movie saying its not as good as the first one, I think they are mistaken its even better, so many Autobots and Decepticons duking it out, armies coming into full battle, and new storyline that keeps you tied to your seat and introducing new concepts about the Autobots and Decepticons and so much more. I loved every moment of the movie, I want to watch it again, I can’t wait to get it on Blu-Ray.

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A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Totally agree with you man. I really loved the movie.

    I went to a 2am show in an imax theater, so it was full of Transformer fans which was awesome :D

  2. tartooob

    The first part was much better, at least it has a story, second part is full of boring action and all you see some stuff flying and continues boring fighting in some places which is the same exactly as part 1

  3. Megan was …. DAMN! The Corvette concept was pretty sweet though! But the two transformers who were supposedly black were kind of a racist idea since they said “I can’t read” and acted stupid the whole movie. Its like a stereo-type that all black people are like that.

  4. You have xplosions and megan fox. What more do you want ?!?!?!

    As far as I’m concerned this is the movie that the first one should have been!

    Only gripe is the lack of hotrod in the movie !

  5. I loved every bit of it.

    The only thing I couldn’t help but notice is the final fight scene in the Egyptian desert looked a lot like the desert fight scene in the first movie.

    Anyway, Megan. Fox. Go see it.

  6. mustafa

    SUCKED huge dissapointment
    just like the first one, but longer and a few more explosions waste of time only some parts of the movie were entertaining and most of it was a huge drag, the story was horrible i mean
    SPOILER ALERT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    do u really think that it is not cliche for sam to put a bar of pixie dust into prime only for him to kick ass and kill the decepticons in like 1 minute?????
    it was obvoius that prime would come back
    i only liked the meat man returning he was funny
    leo was BS and at the end when everyones least favorite decepticon runs away it brings out the obviousness in the 3rd movie
    dull and unispired

  7. M

    Agree with Mustafa, weak story line.

  8. Guy

    It was total BS

  9. Did anyone besides me realize that the freakin’ pyramids were not were they really are?

  10. Q80 In Denver

    I really really enjoyed the movie .. I know its stupid but it was FUN! feeling like a kid again! :p and THANKS to ILM VFX for making an amazing state of the art eye candy experience .. No thanks to the idiot Michael Bay :p

  11. mustafa

    did anyone else realize how the moved between petra and eygpt in like 1 hour and it takes 2-3 hours to get their by plane???

  12. @mustafa

    you guys know that this is a work of fiction and not a documentary right. If I wanted to see a documentery about modern robotics I’d have looked up the Davinci Robot on youtube.

  13. maryam

    I’m going tomorrow and loved the 1st one and been looking forward for the 2nd instalment. I’ve high hopes :)

  14. Laziale

    I liked it

    But i laughed a lot about how naive some ppl are .

    1st , the desert scene in Egypt , American soldiers going into dusty village ( with kids and camels running of course ! ) the commander shout the squad ” ITS OK , THIS AREA IS FRIENDLY ” !! you are in Egypt for god sake !! do every area in the middle east should be like a danger Zone !!

    2nd , one of the officials who got dropped in a village in Egypt called the headquarter and said ” GET OUT OF HERE , AM SURROUNDED BY DONKEYS ” !!! in the scene he was surrounded by Ppl !!!

    We need our own Hollywood to make the arabs save the world and help the stupid yanks ;)

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