Meat Co

I always have this craving every once in a while for some really good steak and this time around we had it. As soon as we were done walking around we went to have lunch at Meat Company in Midenat Jumeriah. I had the ribeye steak in mind, and those succulent beef ribs that I couldn’t wait to taste. It was pretty damn humid in Dubai, and I wanted a nice cold coca cola as soon as I sit down.

I ordered about 7 orders of Beef Ribs for the whole table and some beverages were ordered right away because Meat Co is a bit slow with the food so to get those out of the way while people deliberate about their choice of steak. As soon as we were done with the steak orders those amazing beef ribs came out, I didn’t even bother using my hands, things got very messy very quickly, and I just loved those ribs. 15 minutes later the steaks show up most of them were cooked to medium or medium rare and I was very happy with the Wagyu Ribeye, it was tasty and extremely fulfilling then we were off to the movies.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Apparently, Meat Company is coming to 360 which was supposed to open this week, but they’re now saying on the website that they’ll open on the 7th…

    We’d be interested in getting a comparison, even though the first week is not really a proper measure…

  2. Q80 In Denver

    I MISS MEAT Co. !! MEAT .. MEAT .. MEAT .. MEAT :P Can’t wait to try it again!

  3. u hit a spot!

    haven’t try Meat Co. though
    i will have mine medium, plz

  4. @q80saracen

    Butcher shop [cough] fail [/cough]

  5. Yup thats right Meat Co. will open in Kuwait 360 I saw it my self while I was touring there check out our post about the mall tomorrw :)

  6. mmm… looks like some great meat…but the mashed potatoes look too buttery. I miss Morton’s :(

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