Review: Knowing

An MIT professor is lost his wife in a tragic accident and left to raise his son on his own. At his son’s elementary school they dig up a time 50 year old time capsule and his son recieves a letter with chilling predictions. As it plays out these are related to tragic events that will take place, only he is left to unravel the remaining mystery. Its an action packed movie that you really don’t expect from Nicholas Cage, I didn’t expect the movie to turn out this way. I thought it was going to be more a science fiction movie, but it had its scary parts and I was freaked out, which I really did enjoy. A really enjoyable movie that turned out a lot different then I expected, and a lot of people would enjoy it.

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  1. Q80 In Denver

    till the mid everything was going so well .. After that it turned out to be VERY VERY VERY boring, stupid and uninspired .. It reminds me of mission to mars of how the movie turned out to be very bad!

  2. the movie is very good overall…it was amazing up till the last part where it seemed that the director ran out of ideas and finished it the way it did (avoiding spoilers :)

  3. since am a sci-fi freak .. i find it KEWL .. loved elta9weer .. bas ma fahamt elnihaya .. o maby at7acha 3ashan ma akhareb 3ala ely ma shafa :P

  4. I have actually downloaded it and wanting to watch it. This post just might be the push that I need.

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