HTC Hero

The HTC Hero has tickled my fancy, I’m not really a fan of HTC but I’m curious to try it out, especially with this being the third iteration with a lot cleaned up.

They have worked on integrating, Twitter, Facebook, and Flicker seamlessly into the one. The only one that really interests me is Flickr but a lot of people would enjoy the other application. And this time around they have Adobe Flash support for the phone. And now that the Android Market has had time to develop it won’t be an issue to find some applications that will suit my needs.

  • 3.2-inch HVGA touchscreen
  • 5-megapixel cam with autofocus
  • GPS
  • 3.5-mm headphone jack
  • 512MB of onboard memory with microSD expansion
  • Flash support

Link: Coolhunting

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  1. sous_lb

    I love HTC I already have the HTC touchpro but the problem is it doesn’t work with the Viva network! till now they haven’t recognized on their network so u can’t send any sms or MMS. So anyone with a viva number don’t get HTC…

  2. is this the same as the HTC diamond II ??

  3. abdulla

    no this runs android operting system while the diamond II runs on Windows mobile.

  4. AngelOfDeth

    Do you think this will be released here in Kuwait ?! and when ?!

  5. This phone looks great, I placed an order 3 days ago at .

    The website says july 6th, but they have a tendency of being over optimistic.

  6. interesting turn at the bottom of the phone…looks futuristic

  7. I like it ;) It’s tempting but it’s HTC and I don’t like it:)

  8. S.M.S Q8

    I used a code to lock the phone pad in my htc diamond ,now its locked and dont recognize the code ,if I do formatting it will wipe everything in the built-in memory any help???

  9. Got the HTC diamond the day it came out in Kuwait.
    Asked for a refund 2 days later. It looks so great and hi-tech!
    But the usage is such a pain!!

  10. 3.2-inch HVGA touchscreen
    5-megapixel cam with autofocus
    3.5-mm headphone jack
    512MB of onboard memory with microSD expansion
    Flash support

    Windows Mobile (Yuck)

    Not an iPhone …… not thanks, I’ll stick with my iPhone :-)

  11. It’s not Windows Mobile. It’s Android.

    You forgot to mention that the battery is removable, unlike the iPhone ;)

  12. Even Android , It failed to catch up with the iPhone or Windows mobile, even Symbian , though I prefer Android as being an open source OS rather than Windows mobile or the iPhone OS, but with the iPhone OS , you get the full back up of a company that provides both the Hardware and the Software , unlike windows Mobile wich lacks the full support of the company, unless Microsoft would come up with their “Zune Phone” which I doubt that it would catch up with the iPhone or The Black Berry , They own the market of smart phones right now, so Google, Microsoft and Nokia need to work harder to regain their spot.

  13. G-Funk,
    Android when first released was targeting US customers only since the G1 was locked there.

    Now that many companies are releasing or planning to release more Android phones, it will boom in the market. So you can’t say that it failed to catch up!

    The iPhone sucks in so many levels, that I don’t see how Android won’t surpass it.

    For example, the software is heavily locked and after so many years of the phone’s existence, Apple JUST decided to give its customers what they want: copy/paste (LOL!!!) and MMS.
    Yes I know you can unlock it, but the method & procedure is not your joe sixpack friendly one, and it goes against all what Apple fans tout for Apple’s products’ ease of use.

    Bluetooth file sharing doesn’t exist in the iPhone, because Apple doesn’t want you to share mp3 files. But what about pictures? self-taken videos?

    Battery is unchangeable. And the new iPhone 3G S has issues where the battery burns the cover & the battery eventually dies.

    You can’t run a program in the background; you can run at any time only one program. That’s inconvenient in the case you want to run some location-aware service at all times.

  14. Abdulsalam

    the problem with andriod is that it doesnt support arabic and thats why they dont bring it to kuwait. I am really thinking about the DRIOD or the milestone from motorola, its one hell of a phone.

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