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Review: Leatherman Skeletool CX

I have had my Leatherman Skeletool for a little over four months now and I don’t know why I didn’t purchase it earlier. It’s one of the most useful and durable tools I have ever bought for all kinds of situations. I have cut some very thick towing cable with the knife and oddly required the pliers in different vehicle situations. Its extremely compact for a tool of its strength, I like the look of the carbon fiber and its also feels comfortable. I also like the weight of it, feels just right when I’m using it and carrying it, its supposed to be this heavy if you expect it to be strong. If you like tools or are usually using tools then this should be part of your arsenal.

Quick Points:

  • Combination Straight and Serrated Blade which is extremely sharpe and strong. Made of 154CM steel which is very tough and high resistence to corrosion, better edge retention then most steel.
  • Belt Clip, very easy to hang it or remove it.
  • Bottle Opener/Carabiner honestly this is how I hang my Skeletool CX on my shorts or on a key chain real quick.
  • Combination Pliers and Wire Cutter, very strong with the build of the tool.
  • Extremely durable build with tungsten coating, its not just for looks it help the tool stay in great condition when being used in humid and moist conditions.
  • Universal Bit Driver with different bits for philips screw driver or any of the other options available through the optional accesories

Link: Amazon
Price: $54