Windows 7 & Remote Desktop

I have been waiting for Windows 7 for some time now, planning on installing it on one of the test machines that I currently have laying around. I have always been one to opt for installing the higher versions of Winows XP or Vista, since they have a few features which aren’t available in the home variety. This time around Microsoft has taken it a step further, not only is Remote Desktop not available in Windows Home and Windows Home Premium, but you can’t Remote Desktop into a Windows 7 machine running Home or Home Premium, that I find to be a major disappointment.

  • Windows Home (No Remote Desktop)
  • Windows Home Premium (No Remote Desktop)
  • Windows Professional
  • Windows Ultimate

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  1. MK

    Marzouq, I needed to get your advice on a problem in my laptop. I recently updated my windows because of the constant Automatic Updates message. After that what happened is that whenever I restart my computer the windows gives me a message that Please resolve windows now or later and also a message is stuck to my desktop screen saying you windows might be counterfieted please resolve. Can you help me on this issue by removing it other than by buying it over the internet?

    Thank you

  2. Noggin

    I personally have found 3rd party alternatives such as RealVNC has performed better than Remote Desktop Connection anyway.

  3. Richard Smith

    When ever I connect to my PC running 7 Ultimate, it just logs me out again… how come?

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