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Back from a Short Trip

Had some work to do in Lebanon that came up suddenly so I took up tuesday afternoon to finish it up quickly. I honestly wanted to be in Kuwait and didn’t feel like traveling. We landed in Kuwait on tuesday and hit the ground running, didn’t finish up the work until late in the evening and we went out to dinner with our friend. Wednesday was the same thing but instead we stayed at his place and relaxed after 8 pm and he had some dogs that I enjoyed their company.

We had shawarma from Al Farooq which really hit the spot, amazing beef shawarma. The best part about Lebanon is that they are never lasting in good tasting restaurants. Thursday morning we were running around finishing up as much as possible and took off to the airport at 5 pm for a 6:40 pm. The weather was very nice in Lebanon but there was too much traffic compared to the last time I was there. These days Wataniya has some very convenient flight times and their flights have always been on time with me. As soon as we landed in Kuwait at 9:00 pm we took off to the beach house because we kept hearing how nice the weather was for the beach house, I just went home long enough to pick up some clothes and some equipment for the home theater system.