Ken Block vs. Ricky Carmichael

Ken Block is forever famous for his rally driving skills and those insane videos, but Ricky Carmichael isn’t as famous to the general public but he is one hell of a dirt biker probably one of the best period. This video is probably one of the most intense I have seen from Kenny Block, less stunts and more insane driving and it gets a lot better towards the middle. Top Gear did a great job of putting this video together, these guys seriously know how to get our bloods pumping.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. the face of captain slow while in the jump was very funny

  2. Sami

    ^ he skipped a heart beat there for sure

    this season has been amazing so far, with the drag race in Abu Dhabi earlier & Usain Bolt & Jay Leno coming up as SIARPC this season

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