Orbit & Showtime Merge

Most of everyone I know has either Showtime or Orbit or both even, I know we have both because certain people want certain channels. Especially the sports channel line up, every person who watches any sport has Showtime especially the football fanatics. Now this has been a long time coming, the merger between the two biggest media providers in the Middle East and North Africa. I think its a great move, now we just have to see what the packages are going to be starting August 1st. I don’t know when they will be using one machine, which will be a lot less headache, and I know that art is shifting some of their broadcasting technology so I don’t know what that means for the line up. It will probably take some time for the technology to be unified, but I hope they find a solution for consumers to use one box and that will be one less headache.

Link: DigitalProductionME

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  1. lfc-q8

    now already u can use both in one box because both use cards orbit since 2 years ago started with the card that works on any reciver now what we want is to get HD channels as showtime started with some hd for e-vision only :(

  2. Emir

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  3. FINALLY I will see Conan again.

    I miss the cone zone. :(

  4. MJB

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  5. Since BBC Prime moved to Showtime, I only keep Orbit for the History Channel and PlayHouse Disney for the kids.

    Will be good to have all the programs coming through the ShowBox :)

  6. lfc-q8

    now u can get super comedy super movies and america plus on showtime and starting aug 1st u can get them all just re tune ur reciver

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