Funky Arabs

I recently heard this song being played in Beirut for the few hours I was there and I was surprised to see the video. There is something really freaky about women doing Botox shots in a club bathroom, don’t they worry about the sanitary conditions. Well this video is trying to get the message that everyone in the Arab world is hot, but I think the message in this video is a bit off but still it was entertaining to watch.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. From a musical point of view, the music is not good, neither were the lyrics and rhyme. It’s just the content that gave this song a boost, no more, I believe.

  2. IS-F Man (ALD)

    I cannot begin to explain how embarrassing and idiotic this song (and video) is. I’m not really going to begin to criticize this song because the bashing possibilities are endless. A chimpanzee with no verbal abilities could have composed better lyrics.

    Extremely shallow and simple minded, not to mention very gay.


  3. Omar

    lol, us Arabs are very sad.

  4. fkj

    and this will like make us look better?! shit man, ya zeen obo eqthela video clip wala

  5. Laialy_q8

    I feel like it’s a disgrace and the video is cheesy

  6. سالم ولد بوسالم

    عاد هذا جاد شويري ما ابلعه
    احسه gay


  8. Daddyz Girl

    Heard it this morning (thanks to u Marzouq) and now I suffer from it !!! its sticking to my mind !!!!! Allah yasam7ik Marzouq :p

  9. lula

    really digraceful

  10. Most stupidest thing I’ve ever hear and seen. Why does he have to do such things?

  11. what the hell was that. and KTDP, that’s the first thing i thought when i saw this piece of crap music vid, “he should be shot.” i’m still getting over the whole botox bit. that was too disturbing. again, what the HELL. and what’s up with his pronunciation? and when did we “funky arabs” have black brother rapping with us? what the hell is this?

  12. law they stick with the image of us from bbc oo cnn wayed abrak min his video clip

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