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The Dogs

While at my friends place Penny and Poochi would always come out running, and there is Bully but he just wouldn’t sit still. I’m not the type of guy to like small dogs, I always liked big dogs who are fun and jump around but I have to say that I have taking a liking to these guys. They come running to me and you hear this tick tick tick when they are walking on the hard wood floors and its funny, they are jealous of each other.

Bully is another dog, he has this dumb look across his face but he does have his good points. And these three run around and make a huge mess where ever they go. I just find them funny, but after the third day of seeing them while in Lebanon and taking a break between all the work its easy to get used to them. All I wanted to do was sit in front of the tv and the little guys would just want to sit on my lap.