Overmarine Mangusta 165′

A 165′ boat or a building on water is now available for sale. I’m not much of a boat person but this mamoth is ridiculous. 4/5 Guest Staterooms which are basically sweets, and lots of other guest rooms not including the crew rooms. You would need a crew of 7 and some with a Doctorate in Mechanical Engineering to operate this amazing beauty. These controls of the boat are insane, you need to a pilot’s license to be able to control it, there are so many joysticks I can’t even tell where the throttle is, but those captain seats look really comfortable. The outdoor seating is amazing, you can really live for a while on a yacht such as this. So does anyone have $42,000,000 to spare to purchase this Mangusta?

Usually boats of this size that I have seen online have these tacky looks to them but this one seems to look very nice. Not the usual green and gold, but this time its a nice wood furnishing and I like the dining area. Its practically bigger then most homes, I would whats the cost of filling up the tanks of this machine.

Link: JamesList

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  1. M

    who needs a house if u have this?

  2. FJ Bruiser

    Not my color

    I’d prefer it in “Stirling Moss Silver” ;)

  3. who said money doesnt buy happiness ???

  4. Wow… A beautiful beast.

    I hear that a boat gives two days of happiness: the first is the day you buy it, and the second is when you finally manage to sell it :)

  5. Nathan

    I love how “suites” was spelled as “sweets” hahahaha

  6. I love how ur showing off your english skills

  7. Abdulrhman

    this is what is called life is all about

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