The Latest Run Around

Its been about four to five weeks now since my Norco DS1500 debacle and I haven’t gotten any resolution at this point. I filed a legal letter with Kuwait Airways, Global Logistics and Customs but I haven’t gotten any where. I have even called some people I know and they basically told that I would have to file a lawsuit to see any money and it isn’t really worth it. The problem is that Aramex did deliver to Kuwait, it was lost by the handlers of customs. Looks like I got the short end of this stick, and I don’t think I want to file a lawsuit against customs or Kuwait Airways at this point. If I left it with Aramex I could have gotten into an argument with them and gotten something out of them but now can’t do anything, this is frustrating.

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  1. Mo Hat

    Dude you should sue customs, take a stand, don’t let them go for all the mishandling they’ve done for everyone else, show them that they can be dealt with. Good luck.

  2. anon

    So basically customs stole you hardware and gets to keep it? WTF?

  3. send them to me ….. have a trainee who wears size 9 gloves …… the man can never give a person a rectal exam without drawing blood …..

  4. @Mo Hat – Filing suit against a government entity in Kuwait takes no less then a few years to resolve, the lawyer fees alone cost more then the storgae device!

    @anon – It wasn’t with customs, it was with Kuwait Airways/Global Logistics storage and they tend to lose items but I’m not really going to go into it more then I have letters and meeting with people for over a month. My mistake is I took it out of Aramex’s hands.

  5. sue them and start a precedent – or hamayat almustahlik in commerce

    you dont need to worry about anything =- your lawyer will do everything, sometimes just the threat of a lawsuit makes them pony up

    what about insurance – wasnt this insured by aramex?

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