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Bang & Olufsen BeoVision 4

When I see something from B&O I’m usually expecting a ridiculous price tag and this time around I wasn’t wrong. For a $112’000 you can be the owner fo the new BeoVision 4.

A 103 inch screening weighing in at 580 pounds and a base of 600 pounds with a screen that can lower itself to the floor to cover with the center with dual gas shocks. Its nothing short of insane what B&O have done with this system, they do have nice screens and equipment but the price just isn’t right, if you opt to mount your screen on the wall that alone reduces the price by $20’000. One thing B&O always gets right they tend to build some quality products and they do look good.The BeoVision 4 is built to order with a waiting period of four months, I’m assuming a structural engineer has to look if your room can take the weight of the equipment.

Link: Luxist