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We have a little problem at the Beach House for the past couple of weeks, more and more of us are heading out there and Preetoo made horrible design decision with the bed situation. One other note is that the mattresses that were chosen are hard as stone, not the medically good type either, just hard as stone. Our situation is mathiamtically simple, there are 6 spots available and we average between 10 to 14 people so its you and your luck to find a spot, I have a favorite spot on the couch so I just watch some movies and tv shows until I pass the hell out. So we have thought of reorganizing these three rooms, taking out two beds from the room with the higher ceiling and moving them into the other two rooms, one extra bed in each room. So room one and two will have a capacity of 3 for a total of 6, now this room we plan on putting 3 bunk beds for a total of 6, we will make the bunk beds with a help of welder but we have to find the right beds first and so we started off in Khaleejeya because some body recommended it to us.

Turns out these are temperpedic beds, there were a few normal ones but they aren’t cheap running between 130 to 200 KD. What we are looking for are in the 40 – 80 KD range, and we don’t like the ones in IKEA since that was the first place I checked. Some of those temperpedic couches/beds like the grey one was ridiculously comfortable but that costs 750 KD and is out of our budget. We was for a 2mx1m bed and the deal he would get us for 6 beds, now we shall continue our search.

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  1. go to isfinj al baghliii, in shuwakh they do some customized bed and mattresses and it a huge factory specialized for it. i had the same problem in the shalih . and ended up getting these mattress from them which are really good, and reasonable priced

  2. go to isfanj al baghli in shuwakh. they have a huge mattresses factory with reasonable price. i used to have the same problem . but went to them and made a good deal. specially if your taking more than 1 .. good luck

  3. man up and learn how to stay up all night and make eggs at 4 am.

  4. Abdullah

    Try the one.

  5. meshal

    Have you tried مركز السرير in Tunis Street, they have something similiar and within budget.

  6. hawaiian tropic

    al baghli, al juraiwi, al khalid all produce locally manufactured mattresses though baghli and juraiwi have similar pricing

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