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Gundam Astray – Red Frame

I have gotten more and more involved with the models over the past year, I recently got my hands on a Gundam Astray which isn’t easy to find since its very much in demand. I have never built such a complex model before, the most complex build of any type were my Tamiya cars or Lego Technic, but this one was easily over 500 pieces. Its a Perfect Grade class Gundam meaning a full articulate body with every movable joint possible including the fingers to make fists or open palms.

When I first started this a while back I chose a location with the least amount of people to see it spread out all over the floor. The instructions were in Japanese but my hat goes off to them for giving excellent instructions on how to build it, luckily I had the right type of scissors to cut the plastic to make for a perfect fit, and I had my Leatherman Skeletool to intervene when needed. This took over 6 days to put together and careful planning, there were a few screw ups along the way but I managed to back track my mistakes and fix it. I am very happy with this very large model which stands clear at 33 centimeters high from head to toe. I think I am addicted to having these models and building them to perfection, I have a few more models that I have bought but kept aside to build later but non as complex as this, but there are a few Perfect Grade Gundams that I am bidding for on Ebay and crossing my fingers. I just can’t seem to get enough, I’m running out of shelving at this rate, and he is standing on my Sonos unit.

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