Harry Potter And The Half Blood Prince in Kuwait

The simple way to check how messed up a movie is in Kuwait is to check the runtime. I’m happy at least KNCC posts up their real runtimes of these movies and not fabricated numbers, but this time around I’m a bit shocked of how much they chopped off from Harry Potter.

The Original Movie Runtime: 153 Mins
The Kuwaiti Approved Version: 135 Mins

11% of the movie has been chopped off, meaning that you will lose 11% of the story and that is too much for my tastes. I think I’m going to wait to watch it outside of Kuwait or wait for the Blu-Ray to come out. I tend to avoid movies with magic, or female interaction in Kuwait. I try to watch some movies and try to limit them to Pixar movies but sometimes I want to enjoy the movie in the theater but this time around I think I will wait for the Blu Ray version.

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  1. Breeze

    It was a nice part. Bas kan bemathabat “7alaqat wa9el” bain il ajza2.

    Plus it was all about romance..so you won’t miss much this time! :p

    Anyways, it’s my 2nd best part after the first one.

    enJoy Zooq.

  2. S.K

    it was a disappointment, and the ending wasn’t as I imagined too dull and blah..
    u didn’t miss much at all, and the 11% u’r talking about are only the kissing scenes

  3. harry potter “IS” my favorite movie and there is not way i will watch it in the theater here in Kuwait,, i always prefer watching movies in my own small home theater

    i really can’t wait to watch it (^_^) “

    i’m memorizing all the the earlier 5 part of it,, geeky?! childish? but i really love it,, i’m over excited

  4. I saw it yesterday at Mohallab 3 – a great print and great sound, it was almost three hours – maybe a kiss or two were cut, thats about it – nothing major.

    Read no further if you dont want my opinion>>>>>>>

    I found it stylish, dark, strikingly photographed but overlong, dull and devoid of action, not to mention anticlimactic.

    But I am sure POTTERITES will enjoy it.

  5. Q80 In Denver

    I’m very disappointed with the movie .. Yes, I’ve heard this part of the series is the least favorite between all the series books but the movie made it worse! there is major holes, pointless scenes, the movie somehow turned dull and transformed to a romantic soap opera at some point! they messed up alot! :(

  6. Jewaira

    Looking forward to watching it

  7. maryam

    I’m taking my bros tomorrow. You have no choice but to go to the cinema sometime, where to take the kids for some entertainment and they don’t want to wait for the DVD

  8. maryam

    cinescape removed the runtime info! So I checked it out back here ;P I need it to plan the day :D

  9. I’ve seen the movie in Kuwait and it was much more than 135 mins .. it lasted for almost 2 and half hours with commercials

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