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Summer Shows

There have been some interesting shows coming out this summer or just before the summer. We have had a lot of sleepless nights at the beach house watching some of the interesting shows and going on a ridiculous marathon seeing those who pass out and those who manage to stay up. Entourage and Rescue Me have started for the summer but honestly thats not what we are watching.

The Shows:

  • Royal Pains – A doc who lost his job and ends up working for rich people – Great Show
  • Weeds – Catching up with season 3, fun as usual
  • Burn Notice – Season 3 – Entertaining
  • Reaper – Season 2 – Pretty funny
  • 24 – Season 7 – The most insane season ever, I’m loving it, I’m happy I waited to watch it one go and I’m waiting to have a chance to watch it one go with my friend.