The Dark Knight Motorcycle Suit

This has been bouncing around online since a couple of days ago now, and every time I see I say to myself that I want one. I don’t know how is going to be possible but I’m going to get myself inside that suit. I think I would have to lose at least 25 Kgs to get into that suit and tone up, but one way or another I want to put it on and then put on the Batman helmet and get on my bike. Now all I need are the 50. caliber machine guns attached to the bike and I am good to go.

Link: UniversalDesigns

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  1. Laialy_q8

    The suit looks amazing

  2. It doesn’t look like the helmet is there…I wonder what it looks like…

  3. 3azeez

    haha… i saw this few days ago and you came on my mind right away. lol
    ps. you’re the only biker i know whether online or irl!

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