Too Lazy @ Ace Hardware

I wanted to look for some tools, I needed a wire cutter and some other items so I decided to go to Ace Hardware. We walked in and as usual it was practically empty, and we went to the Bar-b-q section and to my surprise they had new Webber grills, these are practically the best grills available in the market and I didn’t know they brought them to Kuwait. I kept on walking and went to the tools section found the wire cutter, and asked a person about the Bosch air blower since mine broke and can’t be fixed. The sales person didn’t look up and he was flipping through a news paper which was on top of some tool boxes. I asked him when he would be getting them in, he said he doesn’t know, when were they out of stock, he said he doesn’t know. So I asked him “what exactly do you know while sitting and reading the newspaper, do you even work in the tools section or are you just bored?”, and that got his attention but not for too long. I left and we walked around, I like all the special items that Ace always seems to carry, I can’t help myself when looking at power strips and they have the quality kind which isn’t available everywhere. I made a not of it and kept on walking to the other sections, it seems they reorganized the place and stocked up, its nice to see new quality Japanese or German items they might have, its about finding something unique at Ace. We went to the tv mounts and found that they carry Omnimount which are high quality TV/monitor mounts. We were looking at a fully movable one for large Plasma/LCD TVs and the sales person came, we asked him if this was an Omnimount he said yes its an Oni-Point, at this point I asked him that there is no label and the box says nothing, he said no he is sure, so I asked him to prove it. After 5 minutes of going through the box he couldn’t find a thing that said its an Omnimount unit, we then asked him since when did they carry Omnimount and do they get it from dealer he says he doesn’t know. I asked him if he works in this section, he said that it is his section, so I asked him about installation and warranty, he said they don’t do installations but he can give somebody’s number who can do it but I have to pay for it and they don’t have warranty. Seriously what is wrong with the people there, either they really have no motivation, or they really don’t want to sell or help anyone.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. yikez

    I know what u mean. 90% of the staff mayadroon wein alah ga6hom!

  2. Laialy_q8

    I like going there too, they always carry a couple of stuff you really don’t need but when you see them you think you just have to get like a pencil that is actually a screw driver!

  3. Webber has been available at Ace and Sultan Center for a few years now.

    For the Bosch blower you can head to the offical Bosch power tools dealer. Very easy to find if you are on the road in shuwaikh where city center is, keep driving straight towards kfh. Right after KFH take a right and head straight till the end. You should find the Bosch service center on your left. The bosch power tools dealer is located there inside.

    Warning: You might walk out with a lot of stuff since they have ALL their tools on display and also a whole bunch of Dremel tools.

  4. anon

    If I was paid a paltry salary such as these staff, I wouldn’t do much work either!

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