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Review: Crisis on Infinite Earths – Marv Wolfman

Recently I have gotten more interested in novels of comic books then I have of comic books, I do enjoy reading comic books every once in a while but these books have gotten really good. What I like is that they leave you with so much room to interpret the feel and look of the characters yet you know what they are thinking, and my imagination just goes on overdrive thinking about all the ideas they are bringing across. There are multiple copies of our universe, Earth-1, Earth-2, and a lot more, and they have slightly or drasticly different versions of our superheros and what they do. Something has disrupted the Multiverse and is hell bent on destroying them all, a white wall is all the heroes see before the impending death of their planet and no amount of fighting is able to fight. The key to unraveling the whole thing is Barry Allen aka The Flash. The story is so easy to read, you just want to keep following it page after page, I haven’t flown through a book like this in months. This story was in comic book form over 10 years ago but the novel version gives you the freedom to imagine, and it is very easy to see to get lost with all the characters but it all revolves around Barry Allen. For any person who has any inclination towards comic books then this is a fantastic read.

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