The Graveyard

I have been through a lot of external hard drives, mostly because people ask me to fix them or recover data when they are broken. Or when they are asking for media, tv shows, anime, or movies. I have had some experience with some of these drives and after all the failures I have suffered with externals, I have come to the conclusion about a few drives. Never buy generic drives such as simpltech because you don’t know what your getting on the inside, and I have never had a healthy Maxtor External drive, for some reason they always act up and a majority of Western Digital externals have had issues. Its either the ones that come to Kuwait have issues, they a little too many bumps on the way, or its just been bad luck. Overall I know which external is my favorite and those are the Seagate external drives. Those are just excellent drives and out at least 10 only one was has failed, compared to the others its extremely better. And these drives in the pile up around going out to pasture, I have dissected a few to see what makes them tick and what make them fail and its always fun taking things apart when you don’t have to put them back together.

The Pileup

  • Simpltech x2 – 160 GB- Lasted One Day
  • Maxtor – 160 GB – Lasted a month
  • WD – 320 GB – Last one week
  • Seagate – 160 GB – Lasted Four Years

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  1. ON

    wut about toshiba?
    mine is always plugged to the usb 24/7

    i guess its working perfect since i bought it maybe 3 yrs ago -120GB

  2. Name is Bond

    I guess if you leave your HDD with a lot of free space, it’s more error prone. Basically for a healthier HDD you pick a capacity according to your needs.

    I have a buffalo external 500GB with external power, almost an year old. Its showing cyclic redundancy error. Which is almost the beginning of the end.

  3. desktop i got iomega 1 TB .. one of the best with all the connections u need including firewire 800.. perfect for mac.
    the best portable i got so far is buffalo.
    i tried WD, and many others locally installed HD and all went bad.

  4. Aurous

    how can an external Hard drive last one day only?!

  5. TI3GIB

    Hard drives fail. Hard drives don’t fail this often.

    Test the stability of power in your main system, or the shared system that you used all drives on.

    There might be something there.

  6. A.Albaz

    I do kind agree with Marzouq, Maxtors are known for being a huge fail however, the USB standard provides 5volts. Sometimes, several of those Porties, have different amp ratings. Plugging one into a power supply , with a 5V rail that overloaded and can not provide a stable 5 volt at ? Ohms can really kill a poor portie.

  7. Falantan

    I have a Seagate external hard disk similar to the one in your photo. I have bought it in 2005 from US. Unfortunately, it has broken (produce noise and does not appear in my computer if connected through USB) while huge number of my photos are inside it!
    Do you have a suggestion for what to do to recover my photos?

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