How I Met Your Mother

I don’t know how come I haven’t seen this show before, its hilarious. Ted is living with his friend Marshal and they all have their relationship issues with their girls, but that isn’t even the funnier part. Neil Patrick Harris is the funniest human being, he really makes the whole show, I really couldn’t stop laughing and he really makes the show funny and he just doesn’t stop. If you are looking for light and funny show then this is it.

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  1. whteva

    Funniest show ever! watching it into season 3 and Neil patrick gets even funnier! i like how the pick on robin for being a canadian ;) subtle humour..! oh and LEGENDARY :D

  2. Laialy_q8

    Barnie is all about the girls :p

  3. Yousef

    Legen… wait for it…. DARY!

  4. Someone


  5. breeze

    barney is hilarious!

    Suit up!

  6. Funny Show!

    “Haaaaaaave you met Ted”

  7. maryam

    really, I think I watched part of an episode long time ago and didn’t like it. All seem to like it, maybe I should give it another shot

  8. tartooob

    Thanks for this, really needed some new shows to watch, gonna give this a shot

  9. Esayas

    it is simply awesome

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