Marvel And Madhouse Announce Anime Adaptations of Wolverine And Ironman

How cool is that, they are making Anime versions of Wolverine and Ironman. I honestly think that Anime is a lot more complex and artist then all kinds of western animation and now so does Marvel. And based on the previews in the youtube trailers I think they look pretty damn good. They have added a much needed darker appeal to these characters and it will be released in spring of 2010. Looks like Madhouse did an amazing job with these anime adaptations just based on the trailers of Ironman and Wolverine, I really can’t wait to see this.

Ironman. The dogfights look amazing and as expected from Madhouse the animation quality is top notch. Ironman himself though… I can see how they wanted him to look more like a shiny mecha but all I can think about is that someone took an Ironman sketch and applied the Plastic Wrap effect in Photoshop to it. The villian though, that’s a whole other story! He’s part Captain Harlock, part The Major from Hellsing and all kinds of awesome.

Wolverine really hit close to home. I’ve never been a Wolverine fan but this reimagining of the character as a Japanese badass is an instant hit. The mood is a lot grittier and thicker than the american version and will remind you a lot of classic samurai anime films, specially Ninja Scroll.

Link: DarkDaimond

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  1. Bader

    I’ve never really been a huge fan of Anime,but after reading your for sometime, im actullay considering giving it another shot. The only Anime I remember watching for a long was DBZ but that was VERY long, ooo and Sanshiro, That was amazing. Anyway Ironman looks great but then again he is Ironman. No really it really looks much better than the American version. Wolverine Im no so sure of, I mean the thing that makes Wolverine stick out is he’s attitude. This version of him doesn’t seem to have that no nonsense, will not take orders from anyone “chewing on cheap cigars” tough guy attitude. Just my two Fils :)

  2. I agree with Bader about Wolverine…it feels off. Not only the attitude part, but the fact that he’s fighting Japanese demons…it doesnt really make sense to me. I don’t know how they’ll reconcile that with the original concept…although the art is great.

    Iron Man looked amazing…can’t wait.

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