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The Water Banana

A water banana was one of the first water sporting like event that I remember riding when I was kid and its just as fun if not funner now. Over the weekend we got on a banana, about four of us, pulled by a boat and I could tell this was one of the Chinese versions that are being sold in Kuwait and sometimes buying cheap has its costs. While being pulled by the boat at a constant speed both the front and rear handles ripped so I flew into the guy behind and the guy on the back flew off after one odd bump, luckily we were all wearing life jackets and that helps a hell of a lot. Also because of the slightly wrong buoyancy design of this banana it just doesn’t float right on the water, the driver of the boat is going straight pretty much most of the time and somehow we get tossed into the air. I remember the original ones were a lot thicker and lasted a lot longer, this time around this one didn’t last long so we took it back to the shalaih after we were done, and we did have fun on it but I doubt we are gonna ride it again. The original good version range from 300 to 400 KD and were manufactured by real water sporting goods companies but these Chinese versions cost between 150 to 180 KD and they really don’t last long.