Planet Hulk – Trailer 2009

Marvel and DC Movies have been great over the past couple of years, and I can’t wait for the next one to come out. This time around they have come with the Planet Hulk which revolves around the Hulk being talken off the earth because he is a danger to people, so he manages to get out of his restraints and crash land on a planet that turns him into a gladiator of sorts. With an incredible battle in front of him, the Hulk fights the meanest and toughest monsters, lets see what he does to get out of this. The other part of this comic story is the return of the Hulk to Earth but hopefully that will be released after the success of this animated movie.

Link: TVSquad

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  1. a nice story with the worst ending ever

    at least in the movie they can’t do the comic ending :P

  2. It is a good story and the ending not that bad … forza for comics book you have to expect everything.. Do you know who DC comics killed recently: P

  3. Blackest Night and Ultimates are death feasts

  4. I Just read blackest night issue 0 but i just hate cross overs forza :( cause i wont able to get thm here in Q8 … but the major death was in final crisis.

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