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X-Box Live Annoyances

X-Box live is probably what made me the X-Box experience so much better then the PS3 multiplayer games, its a hell of a lot of fun and easy to use. I’m still sticking to the X-Box 360 and enjoying the graphics, I’m curious to see what other upgrade they have in mind, but there are a few annoyances that I think that should be adjust but probably won’t.

  • Really Annoying Sign-In – Once you sign into one location you can’t sign into another machine without going through the process of password recovery which is painstakingly annoying. I don’t know why you can’t just sign in normally and can’t be signed in at two locations, its that simple instead of this ridiculous process.
  • Region Locked Trailers – Its trailers not movies, people just want to enjoy a movie’s trailer to see whats coming up next why do they have to lock it so you can’t see the trailers, you can see any trailer on youtube so it makes no sense to lock the out X-Box players from seeing trailers.
  • Region Lock Downloads – I’m trying to download the new maps and features of Gears of War 2 and it says that you can’t download it due to the region I’m in, even though I have US region game and XBox. I have to program the damn router to show route through the VPN in states so the XBox sees a US IP address. This really makes no sense why they do this, everyone would pay for Microsoft points to download more additions to games or themes.

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