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iPod Car Integration

After all these years you’d think that every vehicle manufacturer would have some sort of iPod integration. Not every car has the perfect integration, some cars do have issues but they do have integration. Apple has the market cornered and I’m too happy but its a great working product with amazing sound quality. Some have direct integration into the sound system, some have other solutions.

There are a few options for iPod integration, some cars have auxiliary input, and if you have nothing the best quick solution is an FM Transmitter. FM Transmitter is the simple but annoying solution but the only one that really works is the Griffin transmitter and all the others don’t work. Tape deck is only for those cars that have tape decks but very few cars have them anymore. Getting a new deck doesn’t really work for new cars because it really ruins the look but still their are other solutions. Right now I’m looking at the DICE solution for my little problem, because getting used to the iPod in a car every day and then not having it is like going through an addiction withdrawl.

Alternative Solutions:

  • FM Transmitter
  • Tape Deck
  • Auxiliary Input