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Review: The Hangover

R rated comedy at its best, very few can match up to this movie in the comedy line up. A bunch of friends going for a bachelor party end up losing their friend, almost getting shot, mauled to death, and overdose on rufis. The movie goes backwards as they try to figure out what exactly happened to them and what happened to their friend, they woke up with a lion in the bathroom, a baby in the closet, and a police car in valet. I don’t think I have laughed so hard before, it hurt and I couldn’t stop laughing throughout. Its not a typical story line but the surprises were priceless and Alan, the dysfunctional brother-in-law, made the whole movie, he was hilarious with everything he did or said. Every person should watch this movie its so damn funny, but make sure that it isn’t censored or about 80% of wouldn’t be seen.

Link: IMDB