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I Hate Kim Bauer

I have been watching 24 for seven faithful years at this point, and I think that Kim Bauer should be killed for the good of the show. Kim Bauer kept Jack Bauer from completing his missions in almost every season, she is annoying and whiny and some how always gets caught at the worst possible moment by these insane bad guys. She is always the reason that Jack Bauer almost dies and season seven was the last straw for me, if I had a 9mm or 45, I would put some holes in her already and get it over with. Jack has went to hell and back, lost most of his family, been tortured in unimaginable ways, exposed to a deadly virus, doing what needs to be done and what nobody wants to do to protect his country, I think he deserves a break and that would be having Kim Bauer shot and done with.