I Hate Kim Bauer

I have been watching 24 for seven faithful years at this point, and I think that Kim Bauer should be killed for the good of the show. Kim Bauer kept Jack Bauer from completing his missions in almost every season, she is annoying and whiny and some how always gets caught at the worst possible moment by these insane bad guys. She is always the reason that Jack Bauer almost dies and season seven was the last straw for me, if I had a 9mm or 45, I would put some holes in her already and get it over with. Jack has went to hell and back, lost most of his family, been tortured in unimaginable ways, exposed to a deadly virus, doing what needs to be done and what nobody wants to do to protect his country, I think he deserves a break and that would be having Kim Bauer shot and done with.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Glen

    I Second all that…. Kill the B*&#h…

  2. DeReD

    Only thing she has on her side is that she is un-freaking-believably HOT!

  3. LOL, i would say ur defiantly a 24’a-holic, you should join the 24 anonymous!

  4. I second this! I think the americans in hollywood are planning for arab terrorists to blow her up in season 8 or something!

    don’t worry, then jack will patch her up together, until season 12 or something.. i cannot tell u more!

    indeeed she is hot, but this is overshadowed by how annoying she is. i think she should be forced to commit seppuku!

    Chairman of 24 Anonymous

  5. Yousef

    Elisha Cuthbert, mmmmmm. Sexy

  6. yikez

    hahahahhh i can’t believe u made a post about her!

  7. KB

    I agree 100%. I hated her in the first season and she only got more annoying from there. There is no amount of hottness that could make up for how stupid she is.

  8. lol
    walla as if u r sitting with me in the same room while watching 24 with my son.. whenever she is on i tell him she needs be kicked out of the series.. they just put her there to annoy us.
    so irritating. i havent seen season 7 yet.. we r in the middle of season 6.
    i wrote a post about it . great show.. it would be greater if she was a stripper rather than jacks daughter.

  9. Teeman

    well as much as kim risks jacks life she still has helped him like in season 7 when went into that burning car to take the laptop.

    and dont forget the fact that kim bauer is what keeps jack bauer alive.
    and to be honest with you in season 1 i might have got pissed a few times at her bs 2,3,5 and 7 she was cool

    and im not just saying all of that because shes ‘ OMG HOTT O.O ‘ :P

  10. G-Funk

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  11. F M Ross

    I coulnd’t agree more!! She is a pain in the ass!! I wish they had killed her off in season 2 when she was still bearable lol

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