In Oman

I came in late last night for a quick meeting that I have to attend and then back to Kuwait the next day. This is the first time I travel to Oman and surprisingly very few airlines fly to Oman. Oman Airways reminds me of Gulf Air back in the day, I refrained from having anything to eat on the plane even though I was hungry, I just had a gut feeling. Over the past year I have gotten used to planes having power plugs to run the laptop on so I didn’t charge my laptop this time around and so I only had about an hour of battery, but I passed out on my seat within 20 mins and slept the whole 2 hour flight to Muscat.

The airport looks like an old government building, but once you enter the people are very nice. Very nice is an understatement, they are extremely nice and the immigrations people were cracking jokes and asking why I don’t stay longer and next time to come in winter. The same case with the customs people, they were really nice, the driver we took from the airport was Omani as well and I just kept asking him questions. Their highway is very smooth and nice, and I asked about their speeding laws which seemed reasonable but everyone was driving in such a civil manner.

I don’t think there is much to do here, people were telling me about two specific hotels but they are resorts really and they said its mostly couples. What a very interesting country, but I should probably pass by when I’m not traveling for work.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. faaa6

    7ay allah min jana. I totally recommend the resorts at Shangri-la, at least go for a meal at any of the hotel restaurants over there. It would be better if you go during the day to see the view.

    You can try going to the Traditional Souq Mutrah and stroll along the courniche in Muscat, all drivers know it. If you feel like some traditional food, go to Ubhar at Bareeq Alshatti in Shatti alqurum. Its traditional with a modern twist. Orrr if you’re too lazy for all that go for a swim at the beach

    Last but not least, do not forget to try the 7alwa

    P.S. The airport does suck BUT theyre working on a new one but at the time being, they renewed the current departure lounge.

  2. Welcome to Oman

    I apologize for the airport but we promise a bigger and better ne in a few years.

    Otherwise, hope you had a nice stay. There are many hotels in Oman but Shangri La (which is where your staying – I recognise the room) is the most popular due to the facilities it has within it. Specifically the fact that its far away from the city which is why everyone uses it as a kind of getaway. I recommend Shehrazad the Morroccan restaurant il Al Husn.

    Oman has a lot to offer and a one night business trip will hardly satisfy you. You need at least a few days to take in the culture and winter, as youve been previously told, is the best time to come here. We have some of the best diving locations in the world as well as wadis and other locations for camping which cant be done now cos its too hot.

    For proper Omani food, I would recommend our house. LOOOOL

  3. Abdulla


    Omani’s are the friendliest arab people. They are mellow and very well mannered. Evryone wants to invite to his home for dinner. Notice the Omani’s and how most of them are well educated and speak excellent english.

  4. Dave

    the hotel looks good – which one?

  5. Purgatory

    I should retire and move there

  6. Great place with wonderful people. Enjoy.

    @Abdulla – Wring blog! :)

  7. Great place with wonderful people. Enjoy.

    @Abdulla – Wrong blog! :)

  8. Rambha

    Dhofar’s simply ab-fab! You got to go there sometime maybe on your honeymoon.

    When you are next in the Sultanate please also give your custom to the Chedi in Muscat.

    Ranting off at a tangent, I am having a real hard time imagining what it will be like for immigrations and customs dudes and dudettes at KWI International to make small talk with first time visitors to Kuwait. It will be hilarious I think :) For sure, such friendly overtures to ajnabis will put them at risk of getting interred alive.

  9. Very nice people :D

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