Meneghini Refrigerators

Meneghini refrigerators and freezers are best described as Italian Antique Modern in aesthetics, with brass handles and hinges, glass shelving, and various other pleasing details like portholes and clawfoot legs to distinguish themselves from their utilitarian counterparts.

I never thought that I would refer to a fridge or freezer as sexy but I have now. Meneghini have designed refrigerators and freezers that can flow with an type of furniture, and almost any type of funish you are looking for. This is probably the ultimate fridge a man can ask for, and a starting price of $10’000 its surroundings must match this unique piece. It seems to be made by an Italian Designer with German manufacturing for its freezer and fridge internals.

Link: Unplggd

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  1. Italian design with German engineering – What can possibly go wrong? Nice.

  2. That is one cool appliance to have!

  3. That is one cool appliance to own!

  4. NS

    Do they have a distributor in Kuwait?

  5. very good initiative. When design meets the fifties. I also love the industrial design side

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