Review: Wolverine – X-Men Origins

I have been waiting months for this movie, I didn’t want to see that version that was leaked or a censored version so I waited and it was worth the wait. Seeing the adamantium fused into the bones of Wolverine and taking the new life of an X-Men got me worked up. Overall this movie was worth the wait, and I think Gambit was depicted perfectly as the character in the comic books. The storyline develops perfectly and the battle between Wolverine and Striker unravels towards the end in a perfect way, I really liked how the story was developed and we got to see the other characters who will later turn into the X-Men.

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  1. They ruined Dead Pool’s debut though, he deserved more screen glory ! .. and they didn’t portray him like in his comic books, he got a total make over which blows! -.-

  2. my favorite character in x-men is wolverine and this movie is all about him. so it is my favorite. and it was well- made.
    i loved it.
    don’t miss out my review on G.I.Joe.

  3. ON

    i’d definetly rate it 5/5
    luvd it!

  4. Thnx for visiting my blog. I agree with your review, this was a great movie. Gambit was dope, the build up on how he became wolverine is dope and the fights were cool, I heard they are already working on a Wolverine 2. Can’t wait.

    Btw in reply to super-sonic. They are currently working on a Deadpool movie :)

  5. Q80 In Denver

    Sucked .. BIG TIME!

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