Network Rewiring

I have had this on my to do list for over a month now, and instead watching a movie or some anime I decided to work on rewiring my broadband setup since some items have reached the end of their lives and started acting screwy. I ordered a D-Link DSL-2640B to replace both my Thompson (Qualitynet Modem) and Buffalo Airstation Router. I took a look at the area behind my desk and computer and its nothing short of a nightmare to try to figure things out. I had a few items that I wanted to disconnect and rewire but that would require shutting down everything and doing it the right way so I left that for later, just the network cables alone add up to more then a dozen wires. So I unpacked the D-Link modem and powered up to configure it before plugging in the RJ-11 (telephone) cable, and as usual I tried doing things from memory, but I messed up Qualitynet’s setting so I called them up and got these details:

  • Login type: PPPoA
  • VPI: 8
  • VCI: 35

Configured the modem which logged in right away, while on the phone the guy told me that I entered the wrong password and asked if I want to set that as the password, which was helpful but I prefered to keep the old one after remembering it. Then I went on to configure a few port forwarding, the wireless, the DMZ zone, and a few other details. This modem is pretty good with lots of customizing capabilities, the menu is a bit lacking in ease but if you figure your way around there is a lot you can tinker with in the device. After 20 minutes I got a call from Qualitynet on my mobile telling me my connection disconnected and they were asking if everything was ok, I was pleasently surprised, I told them I kept messing around with it and it had to reboot every time I made a major modification. Overall I’m very happy with this setup, initially I haven’t seen any problems so I’m hoping that things go smoothly and it turns out to be a solid modem/router.


  • 6 year old Maxtor Network Hard Drive (250 GB) which was a lot back then
  • Thompson ADSL Modem from Qualitynet – Didn’t have any features and was acting up a bit
  • Buffalo Airstation – Lasted me a good 4 years before giving up, I think the 2 meter fall from a high shelf ended its life span.

This helped free up some sockets, I got rid of a lot of wiring, I cleaned up the rear area of my computers which was still dust filled. I’m trying to lessen the amount of cables and equipment I have, minizing after knowing your needs is a lot harder then it seems.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. I’ve got the same problem, I got 3 wireless routers (3com from united, Apple airport Extreme for my N needs and does not have a built in modem and the newly installed VPN modem) which is a nightmare, planing to combine the Apple/3com with something good. Also the wires behind the home entertainment system is horrendous. and as you said I keep putting it back either because of watching a movie or a tv show.
    You just inspired me

  2. @Big N – I know exactly what you are talking about! The Netgear dual wan router that I got was a nightmare and didn’t combine the two connections! Even with the firmware upgrade it got worse, so I have just accepted having two networks but my main PC has two network connections which I’m able to access both networks through my main computer! Having an all in one solution makes for less of a headache and I really recommend it! Lots of thinks I want to have with network capability but their isn’t a real all in one solution that really works!

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