116 GB of Anime

I have been neglecting Anime for about 4 weeks now and this is the result, about 116 GB of data that I missed to get as well as episodes I was following. It was after that business trip that I started archiving some shows that I wanted and expanding the material and media on WHS that I put Anime on the back burner thinking I would get to it later. A week turned into two, then that into a month and then realizing that I had so much to download it would be enormous if I didn’t start now. So one evening I went through about nine to ten pages from the torrent site which added up to more then 270 torrents that I to sift through and choose which ones I’m downloading and which I am skipping. Some were new shows, some were current shows and some were old shows released in high definition which I had to have to watch later. At this point I really have no clue where to start with a new anime, I keep getting excited when I find a new anime to watch which is interesting but then I get lost, not knowing what to choose next.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. .D,

    one day ul wake up and everything will b gone..

    cuz im gonna steal them all..

  2. I guess you have a lot of anime to catch up on. Good Luck!

  3. Downloading them to your server is easy… getting the spare time to watch them is the problem. :(

  4. xeonali

    you’re a seeder … god bless you

  5. Bader

    from which site you get your torrents?

  6. scatterbrain

    you have to watch samurai champloo, i’m sure you can spare time for 26 episodes, it is by far the best anime i have watched..I have champloo, get backers, xxxholic, naruto, shippudin and just can’t get enough

  7. scatterbrain

    ok,i don’t seed cause my connection ain’t too good (yeah, yeah, god hates me). I have about 300 gb of movies and 150 gb of tv shows/ anime. If anyone wants to share or even take stuff, you can post and we’ll see if we can set something up..ciao

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