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Long Delivery

Its annoying when customs go through this loop, I don’t think there is anything that passes through customs these days without it being opened. I have been waiting for the Flip Ultra HD for some time now, I ordered it from Amazon with my Barney book, the Bro Code. It got stuck in customs for three days because they didn’t like that the there were was a quantity of two from the cameras, even though I said its for personal use.

I had to wait for Aramex to clear it, I gave them my civil ID and I gave them the go head, it cost 10 KD more for them to clear it but I didn’t feel like going and deal with those guys. First thing I did was unpack one of the Flip Ultra HDs and I started flipping through the Bro Code. You know in TV shows when somebody is thinking something and there is a picture of a person talking above his head and you can see him and hear him, when I was reading the Bro Code I could hear Barney Stinson talking and telling me the importance of the Bro Code, and I couldn’t stop laughing at all the different Articles, this is going to be an easy and entertaining read.