Corvette ZR1 vs. Lamborghini 670 SV

Corvette ZR1 640 bhp, RWD Journalist Driving
Lamborghini 670 SV 670 bhp, AWD Lamborghini Track Driver

Two very different machines which are the perfection of their manufacturers chasing each other down side roads. The challenge is simple can the Autocar journalist in a Corvette ZR1 keep up with the Factory test driver in the Lamborghini 670 SV. These machines are both works of art, I’m still biased towards the Corvette, its just such a piece of work and so much fun.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Never thought a ZR1 could corner so well, they’re mainly good for straight line speed.

  2. Two AMAZING cars there. I love the Lamborghini though, I am definitely more biased towards them. They just look like no other cars out there.

    I do also like Corvettes but they can sometimes look a little like Mazdas from afar.. hmm..

  3. punky

    lovely post i thoroughly enjoyed that. That ZR1 corners like a race car. Its amazing, corvettes just aren’t meant to do that, but the ZR1 is a revelation. And I am by no means a Corvette aficionado, especially with the cheap interior, but it goes like stink!

  4. Schism427

    Off the bat I’ll admit I’m bias, I’ve grown up loving vettes, and to see the 2nd itteration of the “king of the hill” being compared to that fire breathing lambo makes me giddy like a school girl. I can’t help but wonder how diffrent the outcome would be if it was a factory test driver (who knows the car like the back of his hand) in the corvette and the journalst in the lambo? Also (and again I admit my bias) it bothers me when people downplay corvettes track or cornering ability. Corvettes have been on the cutting edge in terms of handeling ability sense the introduction of the fourth gen, in 1984. At the risk of offending someone, people who clame “corvettes are only good in a straight line” are obviously ignorant to the facts.

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