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So I have been testing Huper Optik on my Landcruiser for some time, I installed the C40 which has a decent amount of heat resistance and my M6 has the same but from Llumar. I wanted to try them out since I kept hearing about the product and reading up on the differences between metallic tint and ceramic tint, and turns out that this is true. I tried out a couple of walkie talkies inside the Beemer and the Landcruier, we could get farther with the Landcruiser and its substantially clearer, and we tried it with another car with metallic tint and that also had the same results, Nano-Ceramic tint has no bad effect like metallic tint.

After the little experiment with the Landcruiser I decided to change my Beemer tint since Llumar wasn’t honoring their warranty, the tint was peeling from the windshield and passenger window. The Landcruiser cost me 220 KD to tint every window including the windshield, the Beemer cost 160 KD and they offered me a 10% discount on the car because it was my second car and even though it was more work for them. The difficulty with the beemer is that they had remove the tint and without damaging the rear window, which are those thin defogger lines. They did a great and thorough job of removing it and installing their tint. They told me that it would take about a week for some of the small bubbles to go and they did, couldn’t find any after a week. What I did like is that you are in contact with the owners, and he even told me that there is nothing wrong with my tint, he said he would just replace those two windows instead of taking the whole thing off, I was so pissed with Llumar that I wanted to remove the whole damn thing. It did also help that they were working on a car a little more sensitive then mine and I could see the car they were taking with it. I went for a combination of C40 and C30 tint which is basically very dark and a great amount heat protection, I will be stopped by the police but I don’t care at this point since it looks great on the car, the car next to me did a C60 tint which is pretty close to clear but with a lot of heat protection. I was surprised they did a heat test of my window with the Llumar tint and with the Huper Optik tint, Llumar claimed 80% heat rejection when it was only 23% and the Huper Optiks was 55%, thats another thing to add to the list of Llumar, false advertising, they claim UV rejection not the total heat rejection which is the only thing that matters in Kuwait with our sun. They have a great product and great service with decent prices, I just hope they continue at this level, they now have a loyal customer.

Good things about Huper-Optik Nano-Ceramic Tint:

  • Does not fade, unlike other tints, because it has no additives
  • Better heat protection, I can hold my steering wheel after leaving it in the sun for 8 hours
  • Doesn’t interfere with GPS, Bluetooth, Radio signals unlike metallic tint
  • No hassle service with these guys, car was done in 4 hours
  • Price is reasonable for a quality tint
  • 10 year warranty

The address and contact details of Huper Optik Kuwait can be found in the link below. For all your tinting needs this is an amazing product, and the service is great.

Link: HuperOptik

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  1. Corolla Man (AE86)

    WOW nice 599 wonder whos is the owner, becasue i just want to tell him nice colour in the inside and the out love to be in one of them, it will be an upgarde from Corolla AE86 to the 599

  2. esz

    Hi, thank you very much for posting this! I was looking for a shop like that, i was about to go to Llumar (Not anymore). Im new at your blog and i really like it, thank you for doing this, gonna go through all your old posts you have, maybe i missed something important :)

    Keep up the good work.

  3. Your car looks meaner! Nice work! Oh and is that a license plate there?? :-O min mita :-P

  4. x-firebird

    Looks like a nice place. Showroom is excellent, doesn’t even look like a tinting place. Looks very organised too. I think i remember seeing them in Kuwait University shuwaikh last summer.

  5. salem_84

    Hi. Do you know know if they have protection film also. I want to make the tint and protection in the same place because i dont have time to take to two places. thanks.

  6. punky

    I have a Huper Optic tint on one of my cars and its great. If you have any issues, these guys don’t ask any questions they replace under warranty and their service is great. I have taken many appointments with llumar and they don’t even call back!

  7. ATL

    WOW, nice looks on the M6. BTW I m planning to get the tints on my car also, but whats the lifespan of each tint installed? Thnks.

    P.S is that the 599 from your Flip MinoHD Video post ;-)

  8. m

    can you please tell us, how much did you pay? as i have jeep wrangler and want the same for it? how much will it be?

    Thank you

  9. Baldrick

    Took my Audi to be tinted there.. they recommended the C60 (which turned out to be a little too clear.. but at least it helps with checkpoints :p).. the C60 has very good protection so i too recommend it… service was quick and very friendly

  10. tartooob

    Do they have a shop in UAE ?
    Anyone knows a tinting shop in UAE which installs nano cermaic tints ?

  11. Salem

    I also recommend that anyone that needs a tint to go to this place. its the best by far. I have recommended this place to so many people and they have all been satisfied with the product and the service.

  12. KK

    Yes, they are great… I also know that they won the best retail outlet design in Singapore last year. They also have plans to launch the paint protection soon!… Glad to have them in Q8!

  13. anasmak11

    ur wheels look horrible. change them.
    and u didnt put the moton suspension yet?

  14. hawaiian tropic

    I too had huper optik installed on two of my cars but I choose the c70 for one which is really clear so I won’t get into trouble and c15 which is really dark (I have tarkhees) both look great! I especially liked the idea of taping up your window buttons with warning signs to not open them for the next 48 hours.

    I will not look anywhere else for a tint, the price is so worth it, they’re very professional, efficient and really organized in setting up an appointment and telling you when to pick your car up or giving you price discounts.

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  16. PreeSS

    Love that tint! Even if u go dark, night time visability is very good.

    Excellent product and service!

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