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Jazeera Airways is Horrible


I haven’t flown Jazeera airways for a while now, since I was either between Wataniya Airways or Emirates Airlines, where ever I needed to go those two airlines served my needs. This time around I need to go to Dubai and back the next day, but the timings were better with Jazeera and half the price of Emirates so I went with Jazeera. My flight was at 6:40 pm, next morning I found out we had an important meeting that just came up and I had to attend so I asked if I can cancel or delay my flight, they told me know even though it was around 10 am and at least 8 hours before the flight and I just booked it the night before. They told me that its a total refund and I can’t pay any fee to change it, I spoke to the next person who said that I can change it if I pay a fee of 120 KD and my ticket was only 156 KD, so I’m basically paying for the ticket twice. I called back later to argue and they only reduced it down to 85 KD even after losing my voice from arguing so much, and this is after I bought a full price Jazeera Plus ticket which is supposed to be the more flexible one but turns out they changed their policy and made it as difficult as possible. Another note, looks like you have to pay to choose your seat on the booking menu, if you are Jazeera Plus you pay an extra 4 KD to choose your seat and if you are Economy you have to pay 1 KD. Looks like they have really gone down the drain since they opened and I haven’t flown on them since last year and I don’t think I would fly on them if I had a choice.